How To Create (Insane) Content Like GaryVee

Exactly how we’ll make you 30+ pieces of content, publish across multiple platforms & amplify it


Key Concept: “The Reverse Pyramid”

  • Create Pillar Content: Document one long piece of content, from which all other content is derived. (Keynote, LIVE, Podcast, Vlog, Q&A, Mastermind)

  • Create Micro-Content: Create multiple short-form pieces of content (clips, articles, memes, images, stories, mashups, rants, quotes.)

  • Social Distribution: Distribute both pillar and micro-content across multiple relevant social media/content platforms. (+ add paid advertising)

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Pro-tip: Create from the top-down, not the bottom-up.

  • Bottom-up creation is asking, 'what should I create next?' It’s staring at a blinking cursor for a half hour without ever committing to your next move.

  • The alternative is a top-down approach where you come up with an overarching structure that determines how you will operate.



The [Modified] Secret Process provided by Gary himself


1. document

Create long-form content from which all other content is derived.


2. create

Extract pillar content, repurpose “the best moments” into many pieces.


3. distribute

Ultimately used to drive viewership to the pillar content on Youtube, Facebook, IGTV, LinkedIn, Podcast etc.


4. amplify & Listen

Launch paid advertising, monitor engagements from audience + learn what resonated with them the most.


5. create (again)

Apply insights from your audience. Make more micro-content from sections that stood out to your community.


6. distribute (again)

Once you have your community driven micro- content, distribute them across all your social platforms.


This is what “content at scale” looks like

For years, sawdust was just the useless byproduct of woodworking.

Then people started to realize it had its uses if it was re-purposed instead of thrown away.

Yesterday’s garbage became today’s profitable product.

Gary uses the parable of sawdust to point out that once you create a piece of content, there are numerous opportunities to re-purpose it for other mediums and platforms.

A blog post can become a podcast, a YouTube video can be transcribed into a blog post, etc. Not only that, but there are numerous opportunities to create pieces of “micro-content” from the main “pillar” content.



There are so many of you out there who aren’t producing the number articles or pieces of micro-content that you could be producing all day long. And I get it—for seven or eight years, I made the content by myself.

I didn’t have a team of smart and attractive people to help me create all these articles, video clips, infographics, and episodes for you to consume every day. It was just me doing my thing.

I’ve expanded since then and I have gotten plenty of emails about how some of you are ready to take the next step about having your own copywriter or designer or videographer and I encourage you to make that investment.

» If you’ve got the dollars, make the investment now so you can really make it in the long run.

Here’s the strategy: it’s me understanding that if I make the investment into core content pillars (like The #AskGaryVee Show and DailyVee), I can then empower my team to consume that content, see what’s going to resonate, and they can create (massive) content around it.

It’s that simple.

Your personal content machine: an Alternative to Hiring Over 20 Content Creators

We optimize your time, energy and output by leveraging professionally produced content every week, and turn it into dozens of content pieces across other media platforms.

Each month you can expect (30) pieces of content in following formats, but not limited to:

  • Short "best moment" highlight videos for Facebook and Instagram

  • Graphics including memorable quotes

  • a transcript for blog posts/articles

  • an audio file for your podcast

  • publishing on the social platforms of your choice

  • …and the paid advertising amplification of your content.

This way, you can have that 20 person content team without taking on multiple salaries or massive costs.

If you want to start producing content at scale like Gary Vaynerchuk, we will help you deploy great results.

Start dominating your niche by producing so much content... that they can't ignore you.

example campaign

  • Deliver (1) Pillar Content Piece = Keynote (60 mins)

    • Client Delivers or We Capture

  • We Create (30) Micro-Content Pieces

    • Round 1 (Team Insights)

      • (10) Videos (multi-platform use)

      • (5) Images w/ Quotes (multi-platform use)

      • (1) Audio File from Keynote (ie. for podcast)

      • (1) Transcription from Keynote

    • Round 2 (Community Insights)

      • (2) Videos – Facebook Specific

      • (3) Videos – Instagram Specific

      • (3) Images – Instagram Image w/ Quotes

      • (2) Videos – Instagram Stories

      • (2) Videos – Facebook Stories

      • (1) Written Post – Facebook

  • Social Distribution w/ Paid Amplification

    • Publish all content and amplify with engagement campaigns using our "omnipresence" framework.

    • Your content will be produced across multiple social channels with paid amplification for 24/7 brand awareness to the industry you influence.