Strategy Audit

The first step in setting a direction is to set customized goals during a discovery session.

a written mission helps our team align around a common goal
What key objectives do you want to achieve?
Select a maximum of 3 initiatives your team should prioritize this year to help carry out that focus:
(select initiatives)
Example: I want to (increase lead generation) by (200 leads) per (month)
Example: I want to (increase brand awareness) by (300%) this (year)
Example: I want to (grow revenue) by (10-15%) per (quarter)
Now that you have your top priorities in place, list 1-3 secondary initiatives that are valuable but will only distract you from achieving this year's goals. These could be considered later on, but for now you don't have the resources in place to focus on them.
Briefly reflect – describe who you are, what you do and why it matters!
Please list at least 2-3 examples per product/service offering
Closest competitors are competitors who your customers regard as a substitute -- not necessarily the biggest competitions in your industry.
General Topics: ie. Outdoors, Sports, Health & Wellness
For example, if we spend $1000 on Facebook Advertising what would you consider an acceptable "target range" for the return on that investment?
Basic info: