Smart Marketing Mastery is the first and only business methodology for purpose-driven entrepreneurs to craft your life for accelerated impact, authority, revenue, and clarity in order to create powerful results in your business.

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Nick Cavuoto

“In my life and through my work, I’ve found many entrepreneurs feeling stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated.

Most spend more of their time reacting to business problems versus applying their best energy creating solutions that will serve them and the world at the highest level.

If you can’t stomach the thought of not reaching your highest potential…

If you’ve built a business from the ground up by working hard, hustling for clients, reached a level of success that had a few of your friends or peers slightly envious…

If you’ve hit 6-figures, imagining it would be the promised land, only to realize you might be making less and working more than early on in the journey…

If you’re making somewhere between $30-60k a month and feel like you might be hitting a plateau…

You only have 2 decisions in front of you right now:

1. Continue what you’ve been doing. Stay the course, keep things profitable, stay comfortable and stay cozy. (Nothing wrong with this, by the way. Most business owners stop right here.)

2. Decide to go ALL IN on being #1 in your space, becoming THE authority, and make yourself the most top of mind choice so you can grow your business and serve more people. And in the process, make a lasting impact in the world with that deep purpose keeping you up at night.

I’m here for you, the passionate entrepreneur, who is committed to pushing the world forward and creating a huge impact and being rewarded for it.”



Partnering with purpose-driven entrepreneurs to Master their Marketing, Accelerate Growth, Increase Influence and Profit Fast.

We are unparalleled and a more effective method than those who proclaim to be professionals.

Here’s why:

Over the past five years, I’ve built and founded a few businesses that, combined, have generated multiple 7-figures. My primary business, The Smart Marketing Method®, has helped hundreds of business owners earn over $30 million in revenue by mastering the core competencies of inbound marketing, branded content creation, profitable digital advertising and sales automation.

My work has been featured in some pretty special publications, with client features on iHeart Radio, NBC, Fox, Dr. Axe and the Super Human Podcast. With Microsoft, Pandora, Paychex and a few other notable brands I launched several high-level marketing initiatives generating millions in revenue.

But today, we’re on the most important mission of all.

To help entrepreneurs do what they love, not what they have to do.

There’s no better time to transform into your most centered-self, explode your business and go on an exiting journey with other leaders who take full responsibility for the massive impact they have in the world.

Is this you? Sweet, I can help.



Work Together

Change starts within. It’s is an internal decision to become a new, more powerful force. Working together, you will very likely blow your own mind by how incredible you really you are.

Here’s how we can partner up:

  • I help 6-7 figure experts & entrepreneurs build a high-ticket, premium coaching program using their “zone of genius” so they can share their message through a guided, transformational coaching program—with The SMART High-Ticket Accelerator.

  • We help successful brands & local businesses become a clear, relevant, top of mind choice for their services—using The SMART Marketing Method®.

  • We help lighthouse clients multiply their business results through exclusive community—with The SMART “Inner Circle” Alliance.

* If you would like to work together privately 1-on-1, contact me here. I usually have a waiting list.



Principles for the SMART Entrepreneur

1. This next level of life will demand a different you.

I started from nothing. I know what it’s like to have all the odds against you.

The danger for a high impact person like you is that your “grey zone” creates so much more than the average person that there is a temptation to consider underperforming to your potential without even realizing it, or wanting to improve.

Applying my principles, you will master your business, dramatically improve your results, and train unique processes in your decision-making. Not only will you have the strategy and system to be the entrepreneur of a business that consistently generates 7-figures, but you’ll finally learn how to receive the impact of your efforts and actually enjoy your amazing life.

2. Never run back to the thing that broke you.

Just because the past didn’t turn out how you wanted it to doesn’t mean your future can’t be better than you ever imagined. “I would rather go back to zero revenue than keep going the way I’m going.”

I’ll never forget the moment those words fell from my mouth. Most entrepreneurs risk burnout to succeed—I did. And I learned it doesn’t have to be this way. That, I promise.

You’re ready to rise up and live to your full potential. I’m ready to help. Together, we can take on the world.

3. There are two types of pain you’ll experience as a business owner: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.

If you’re learning similar lessons over and over, doing the same things, thinking the same thoughts, and being plagued by the same fears… It’s time to expand your thinking. Most people don’t want to change. But–you’re not most people.

There have been times where you felt not good enough, felt like something was missing, deep down there has to be something more in this life for you.

This journey is just as much mine, as it is yours. In short, you will be liberated. Fully transformed.

4. Deep down, you already know the truth.

You know you’re stuck. You need a guide, we all do. New skills, accountability, mentorship, and an undeniable plan for growth. If you keep waiting, the problem isn’t magically going away.

But never forget how far you’ve come. Everything you’ve gone through. All the times you pushed on when you felt like you couldn’t. All the mornings you got out of bed, not matter how hard it was. All the times you wanted to give up but got through another day. Never forget how much strength you have learned and developed.

My hope is that you’ll agree that it’s time to change.

To start doing what you love to do, vs. what you have to do. By working together we will not only solve your pains, but you will reverse the very problems that are keeping you from generating 7-figures and beyond.